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Expressions of Feminine Self-Gift: Part I “Spiritual Motherhood”, Part II “Finding Beatitude”, Part III “Setting the World on Fire”

The Journey of Prayer – Finding Happiness and Freedom in the Lord

Mary’s Yes – Her Yes to Christ and Her Yes to You

Because of His Name Retreat

The Journey of Prayer


“The two night prayer talks were very encouraging for me. It was nice to have the different kinds of prayer talked about. Kind of gives me a direction, goals, stages to go through!…The power of” fasting along with the prayer is so powerful as you both reminded me. I know I can do this again!”
“Both of you complement each other. As one gives the more ‘book’ info the other gives more of how this comes to play in real life.”
“Thank you for the informative and inspiring talks. I was feeling a little stagnant in my prayer life and feel that these talks will be very helpful to me.”

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