Speaking Topics

We are professional speakers on topics regarding practical tips for growing in your spiritual life, learning more about our faith in a rich but accessible way, and developing a deeper relationship with God in your everyday life. 

If you have attended one of our speaking engagements or workshops you are already familiar with our down to earth, practical examples! Below you’ll find a list of topics from past speaking engagements with links to their fliers. We also accept requests for topics.

Contact us to speak at your event!


          • Because of His Name: Finding Courage for Authentic Discipleship
            • Talk I: Fruits of Authentic Discipleship – Being a Beacon of Christ’s Light into the Darkness
            • Talk II: The Crosses of Discipleship – How to Meet the Challenges
          • Sanctification through Motherhood
  • Expressions of Feminine Self-Gift: Part I “Spiritual Motherhood”, Part II “Finding Beatitude”, Part III “Setting the World on Fire”
  • Having the Mindset of Mary
  • God’s Mighty Deeds
  • Prayer: What is it and Why does it Matter?
  • The Battle of Prayer: Working through Obstacles to Prayer
  • An Easy Way to Pray: Blessing &Adoration, Praise, Intercession, Petition, and Thanksgivingbible
  • Types of Prayer: Vocal, Meditation, Contemplation, and how they can be applied to the Lord’s Prayer
  • Christian Life in the World
  • The Eucharist

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